Natural Bath Bomb
Natural Bath Bomb

Natural Bath Bomb

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Natural Bath Bombs



Treat yourself to some tingly tub-time heaven with this pair of effervescent Bath Bombs. They are infused with a gentle fragrance to leave your skin soft, fresh and cleansed and your senses awakened. 
Not tested on animals. 
Four natural fragrances: 
- Sicilian Lemon & Thyme – Refreshing and Zesty to Re-energise 
- Lavender – Soothing & Calming to Relax Body & Mind 
- Chamomile & Honey – Soothing & Softening to Nourish & Protect 
- Ice Cool – Clean & refreshing to awaken the senses 
How to useRun a warm bath, unwrap the bomb and drop one half in to the bath water. Watch it fizz as it releases a beautiful aroma and softens the water. Immerse yourself and enjoy some fun and fizzy pampering as the bath bombs work their relaxing magic!